Let Fifty Shades Inspire Your New Bathroom Design

The popular adult-fiction novel written by E.L. James will be hitting cinemas on February 2015, and already, a lot of fans are excited to glimpse Jamie Dornan play the illustrious Mr. Christian Grey on the big screen. Even before the much awaited flick becomes a box office hit, though, homeowners and interior designers are already coming up with their own interpretations of what fifty shades of gray, as in the color, will literally look like when used as inspiration for sophisticated bathroom designs.

In a recent Huffington Post feature, the National Kitchen and Bath Association was cited to say that gray would be replacing the color white as an incredibly popular choice for bathroom colors in 2015. Many international design companies and firms agree, coming out with out with grayed bathrooms that are more spacious, airy, modernized, and sexy themselves. DOGI, Bathroom 101, and ArtCeram Design are only three of the many design outfits that created Christian Grey-inspired bathroom pieces and looks, for example.

Right now, there are approximately four months left before the first Fifty Shades movie is shown all over the world—coincidentally, that’s about the same amount of time (even less, if you get the right contractors) people would need to take on a bathroom remodeling project. A lot of experienced remodeling contractors can help them plan and bring to reality that movie-inspired look in the bathroom, knocking down walls and changing floorings, if necessary, all for the sake of sophisticated interior aesthetics.

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