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Basement Remodeling in Chicago: The Importance of the Egress Window

What is an egress window and why is it important? It’s essentially what its name implies—a window that can be used for emergency exits, if needed. It’s also meant to allow rescue crews passage into and from the space in case of emergency. Egress windows are required in every habitable space, specifically bedrooms or family rooms. If the basement will have more than one “sleeping room”, each has to have its own egress window. If your basement is to be converted into a non-frequented room, such as a laundry room or gym, you are not required to add an egress window. However, you may still want to have one in case you change the room’s use in the future.

Size requirements for egress windows vary by state or city, though they must comply with the four major criteria from the International Residential Code (IRC).

Basement Remodeling in Chicago Adds More Space and Value to Your Home

When people talked about their basements years ago, they immediately visualized a dark and daft place under their houses, with all sorts of unused or old items stowed away carelessly and walls and surroundings filled with cobwebs and water. Now that people who are looking for roomier homes tend to stay put rather than move to another house, they have become more creative when it comes to extending their living space, particularly in their basements.

Basements have become an added feature to a home – an extension of a family’s living space – and it could be transformed into a bar, a game room, an office, or even a “man cave”.

Things to Keep in Mind during Chicago Basement Remodeling Projects

As you remodel your basement, you’ll need to find a new place to store your belongings—or not. You can add built-in storage shelves and cabinets to help you maximize any given space. A prime location for such would be right underneath the staircase.

After you’ve scouted your basement, contact a trusted Chicago basement finishing and remodeling contractor like DAL Builders, Inc. A skilled professional can help you plan and construct your layout properly, ensuring that you are able to fully enjoy your new living space.

Proper Basement Remodeling in Chicago Requires Clean-Up and Inspection

Proper basement remodeling in Chicago requires a thorough inspection of the internal and external premises before the room is stripped bare to avoid any potential mishaps. Among other things, one should inspect if the basement is highly susceptible to flooding from rainfall, sewage runoff, or pipework malfunctions.

A thorough inspection is vital because neglecting to determine the basement’s overall condition can lead to potential water damage and mold buildup in the long run. Having moldy floors, walls, and ceilings is conducive to airborne-related illnesses such as asthma and skin irritations and, therefore, detrimental to one’s health. According to Macomb Daily News editor Maryanne Macleod, proper cleaning is paramount before and after a basement renovation:

Basement Remodeling in Chicago: Adding Space and Value to Your Home

As of July 2014, real estate market conditions in Chicago are still showing the same trend as that reported in January. Home renovation projects add sufficient value to properties to allow for a quick sale and improved prices that are not too high as to dissuade potential buyers.

With this in mind, homeowners looking to improve the value of their properties should consider basement remodeling in Chicago, with the help of pros like those at DAL Builders. In doing so, the first thing to decide on is a basement design that combines aesthetics and function.

Chicago Basement Remodeling Ideas: Turn a Dusty Space to a Game Room

For the most part, life in The Windy City is rarely dull, but when you’re in a dull basement festooned with cobwebs, and alone with the whirring furnace for your music, it probably won’t make a difference if the rest of the world is colorful around you. Start with what’s inside, as they say, so how do you transform your home’s barren space into something vibrant that the whole family can be inspired by? For one, with the help of Chicago basement remodeling contractors, you can turn the space into a game room instead.

Birth of a Woodworking Shop through Basement Remodeling in Chicago

“Turning your basement into a woodworking shop requires some basic preparations or renovation to ensure compliance with local building codes, which your contractor can address. First of all, Mecomber states that waterproofing the place is essential, to protect the tools and the lumber stock from molds. The entrance or passageway also requires a second look; some professionals recommend widening the pathway to at least four feet to grant enough space for heavy tools or cabinets to be moved in.

Secondly, basements are generally built with poured concrete or similar materials, which are not strong enough to accommodate nails for hanging side attachments such as racks. The basement contractor can work around this deficiency by first insulating the concrete, then adding extra wood walls to provide a solid foundation for the attachments.”

We Offer $500 Off on Basement Remodeling for Chicago Homes and More!

“Having built a reputation as one of the most trusted home builders and re-modelers in the area, DAL Builders want to return the favor to our loyal customers and prospective clients. Any project that is worth $5,000 and up – covering all of our services, including basement remodeling for Chicago homes – will be given a $500 discount off the tag.

If you are planning to extend your home and make it more spacious and comfortable, we can make it happen with our vast knowledge in general home remodeling. We will help you come up with a doable design that will bring a combination of comfort and style, just the way you want it. Also covered in the discount are bathroom remodeling and renovations, in case you want to impress your guests with brand new fixtures, towel warmers, or even a Jacuzzi tub! We can also change the tiles of your bathrooms, as well as the cabinets and counters, using the materials and colors that you want.”

Tips for Basement Remodeling in Chicago: Crafting your Home Theater

If you love watching movies but dread that long drive to the local theater, only to wait in line for a ticket and a popcorn and soda, then setting up a home theater might be the right ticket for you. You’ll need a lot of space in your basement, and a good design to maximize limited living space.

For a more defined interior space, check out established contractors who have been doing remodeling or basement finishing in Chicago for many years. Licensed general contractors like DAL Builders, Inc. should help you set up the layout for your basement, whether you want it for a home theater, a family room, or your personal game room at a budget you can afford.

Transforming Your Basement

Basements are often used as storage for stuff that has not been used for years, or for home and garden tools, and similar things. With much imagination and creativity, however, your basement can be converted into something much more functional.

For example, you can transform your basement into a wine cellar. You would not need to add windows to your basement; a few shelves and wine racks may be all that’s necessary. Wine that is aged in your basement can taste just as great as those in renowned wine cellars anywhere as long as you simulate the same conditions.

You can also use your basement as a gym. With the right amount of space, you can bring in some key pieces gym equipment such as a treadmill. If you are working on a tighter budget, you can make use of simple equipment and gadgets such as pull-up bars, and some weights. The basement is also an ideal place for a workshop. You can bring your handyman tools and equipment into your basement, and with the appropriate power supply and safety features, work on creating something, or on a handicraft or hobby.

Your basement can also be transformed into a home office. If you have a home-based business, a basement’s location is ideal for providing the needed privacy for a workplace, and for allotting a professional space apart from the rest of the home.