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At DAL Builders, we strive to be your trusted and affordable general contractors in Chicago, IL, but don’t just take our word for it. We are proud to offer client testimonials from satisfied customers below. Whether you are seeking our Chicago deck builders or you need a full kitchen remodel, our contractors have the skills and resources available to meet your home improvement needs. We are dedicated to our craft and customers, which is why we take our time to fully understand your needs and budget when creating a construction plan for your home.

We encourage every client to read our testimonials below. If you are interested in learning more about increasing your overall property value, turn to DAL Builders to help you achieve your residential goals. Contact us today at or (773) 870-2128 to schedule a consultation to discuss our home remodeling in Chicago. We serve clients in Chicago, Illinois, and the neighboring suburbs.

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Vince S.“…Dave responded right away to my phone call and scheduled a visit. He was so kind and professional to this retired Baby Boomer with a million questions. He gave me a design I hadn’t even considered and when I called him later to rethink the design, he still came up with something that made my deck unique while still addressing my concerns. He e-mailed me a comprehensive proposal, had pictures made and scheduled an installation when the permit was issued. While weather problems delayed construction, when the job was finally initiated, Dave sent a wonderful four-man crew to get most of the deck built in just one day. They left my yard and garage in good shape; and when the final two members of the crew returned to complete the deck, they also left my yard and garage in great condition. THIS DECK IS GORGEOUS!!! Dave’s suggestions worked out to give me a deck beyond all expectations…”

– Vince S.

Brian A.“…Demolished old bathroom and installed a new tile floor, it’s perfect. Installed a new sink and very difficult wall mounted faucet. New drywall on wall. It looks beautiful. Also found large leak upstairs and repaired large portion of damaged ceiling with drywall, some of the best drywall work I’ve seen. You can’t tell. Repaired several large holes in walls too. Also installed can lighting throughout first floor, spaced exactly right and finally a large chandelier, which included new ceiling support. The workman are unfailingly kind, courteous and committed to doing it right. Dave, the owner, frequently checked in and made sure I was happy and that the work was well done. He is always responsive by phone or email. Most excellent company all around…”

– Brian A.

Mark D.“…I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. The guys at Dal are great. Dave and his crew rebuilt our old basement and converted a half bath to a full bathroom in our basement. We had a few water issues in the past and Dave was able to pinpoint the source as being the bathroom drains were directly attached to the sewer. They then rerouted the drains into a ejector pit which corrected the problem. The space is now a functional part of our house we use daily. What I liked most about this contractor is they did not force their ideas on us and were willing to take the time to explain our options…”

– Mark D.

Cathaline C.“…DAL built a wonderful deck for me earlier in the summer. At the time of that estimate I explained to Dave Larkin, the owner, some of the problems I had with my basement. Later, we scheduled work for the ejector system. However, before that could be installed, we experienced another major rainstorm and backup. Installation was delayed by scheduling but once they started, the team worked diligently for a day and a half to dig up a portion of the basement and install the ejector pumping system. The cleanup job was amazing and Patrick even returned on Saturday to make sure there were no leaks and that I was completely satisfied. I went with DAL because of my complete satisfaction with their professionalism in the previous work. I firmly believe I got what I paid for…”

– Cathaline C.

Kelly M.“…They were great every step of the way. We just bought the house, and were relying on the inspection report to tell us what we needed to do. DAL Builders moved the cabinet without breaking the granite, and they added the vents and insulation quickly and efficiently. The workers cleaned up after themselves, and the price was great. But here’s what made them really first rate: while insulating the attic, the workers discovered that there was an enormous hole in one of the heating tubes, and that the rest of the AC and heating pipes had never been hooked up to the air vents! In other words, the heat and AC were basically heating and cooling the attic, not the second floor. Rather than ignoring this problem on a very hot day, as they could have, the workers told David about the problem, and we negotiated a price for them to fix it. We are grateful to David’s crew and David for identifying and fixing a problem. We’ll use him again…”

– Kelly M.

Kevin L.“…I hired Dave from DAL for his honesty. I needed the front stairs of my porch replaced, and I had some misconceptions about using natural vs synthetic materials. While other contractors didn’t question my request, Dave explained the positives and negatives of both types of materials, which helped me decide. He was also the only contractor who informed me that I needed a permit for the work, and that he would get it for me…”

– Kevin L.

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