Things to Look Out for when Building a Porch

Your porch determines the first impression that visitors get about your house, and yes, as the saying goes, it does last, pretty much like how a first handshake can already speak volumes about a person. With this in mind, it’s only prudent that you keep your front porch looking its best at all times. Here are a few things about it that you should keep in mind:

Porch vs Façade

Designing a porch requires you to look at the house façade and to visualize the final outcome. If you visualize the porch area as a transitional space between the house and the garden, and the house is a bit small, you cannot expand the house structure; it might overpower the façade. A window screen will suffice.

Power Sockets

If the prospective area for the porch is large enough, you need to ponder on electrical considerations in case you want to add fixtures such as a ceiling fan and lights. Your porch repair contractor may consider reviewing the house circuitry to ensure that the new connections will not overload power sockets.

Unified Look

The porch’s design must accurately match the house’s architecture for a more natural flow. For example, if your house is along the lines of Tuscan villas, the porch must have shallow archways on top supported by columns.


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