Good news to those who are planning on remodeling their Chicago homes: experts say that with the recent recovery in the housing market, you can now also expect to see home improvements add value to your property. This has not been the case in the past few years following the economic depression in 2006, but with the improving outlook in the economy came a resurgence of the housing market, including positive returns on home remodeling.


Practical Money-Planning a home remodel that actually pays off


The experts are also saying, however, that it is still best to be cautious even in a recovering market, and carefully plan your renovation projects. One important factor to consider is how long you plan to stay in your current home. While enhancing the resale value of your home through renovations may be a sound move, keep in mind that the greatest return you can get will be the pleasure of living in a nicer home.


Creative home remodeling can be fun and exciting because it is an opportunity to tailor the house according to your style and preferences. This is especially true if your home has seen little change from when you first purchased it. You may want to update your home to suit your current lifestyle and interests; or perhaps to accommodate the needs and preferences of a growing family.


You might also want to check how your own home is faring versus the neighbors’. If there had been noticeable improvements in properties within your neighborhood, it might also be time to align your home to the community’s new standards. Check how your own preferences may be integrated with what is currently in demand on the market.


A remodeling project can be as simple as improvements on aging parts, upgrading rooms, or adding amenities. Older house models may lack the features of newer ones, so remodeling will help in keeping them up-to-date. Remodeling is not only to enhance, however, as some areas of the house may have incurred damage, and as such, present opportunities for change instead of simply doing repairs.


A remodeled house can give you renewed enjoyment and a refreshed look at your home. After all, living in the same house can get dull, especially if it has been a long time. Remodeling will spice things up and give you a sense of living in a brand new home.


You also need to make sure that you work only with experienced Chicago remodeling contractors such as DAL Builders, who know how to make your investment work for you. By partnering with contractors you can trust, you can expect to get great satisfaction from the results, and enjoy living in your home for more years to come.


(Source: Practical Money: Planning a home remodel that actually pays off, Hanford Sentinel, January 14, 2015)

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