Brighten Up a Bathroom Remodel by Using Glass Tile

When it comes to the aesthetics of any room in the home, one of the most desired look is for more space.  Not everyone has a large home, but, thankfully, a few design and decorating tricks can magically create the illusion of space.

One of these tricks is the effective use of light to make a place seem roomier. Apart from better light fixtures, this is commonly achieved by using brighter colors that reflect light a little bit better than darker hues.

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom tiles, the concept can be taken a step further by using glass tiles instead of the standard white. By using glass, the tiles serve as an instant reflector of light, making the room feel wider and more welcoming, while also illuminating the space.

Glass tiles come in a variety of colors and shapes, so homeowners are never limited to just square, clear tiles. It can be easily shaped to match any existing interior décor, and even be styled into high concept mosaic glass tiled designs.

All that, while tiles continue to be one of the most watertight materials around. Glass tiles don’t stain, fade, or scratch easily, and are reasonably easy to clean.

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