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5 Fun Deck Ideas

chicago deck buildersDeck out your house in style with help from our Chicago deck builders. Enhancing your outdoor area with a deck will not only increase the recreational fun but the overall value of your home. Check below to learn five fun ideas for your outdoor deck.

  • Create a dream vacation in your backyard by transforming your deck into your favorite tropical oasis. Include colorful umbrellas, relaxing lounge chairs, tropical drinks, and soothing music to have some fun in the sun.
  • Enhance your overall relaxation when you include a peaceful hot tub into your deck design. Imagine stringed lights overhead for a maximized tranquil experience.
  • Rooftop decks can be incorporated into many home plans for a fun and unique design concept. Imagine sipping your morning coffee among the trees and birds while catching a glimpse of the sunrise, swoon.
  • Include an herb and vegetable garden or a succulent garden on your deck for beautiful greenery and delicious eats.
  • Enjoy your evenings relaxing by the fire when you include an outdoor fire pit for your family and guests to enjoy.

If you are looking for trustworthy Chicago deck builders to create you a unique recreational area that fits your needs and budget, look to DAL Builders, Inc. We offer customized solutions that are sure to meet your design needs. Contact us today at (773) 870-2128 to schedule a consultation regarding your future project.

The Importance of Porch Repair in Chicago

Common among American homes, the porch has come a long way from being an area to just sit and view the front or backyard of a property. With more and more people looking to spend a lot of time outdoors, the modern rendition of the famed outdoor space has now become more regulated than ever. This is due to the different ways people have wanted their porches to be designed, with some even having it equipped with a variety of amenities.


Ensuring complete safety and environmental compliance, most states have particular regulations for porches. This often covers the type of materials being utilized, associated warranties, and taking into account the part of the home and the ground that it will be built on.


At present, a porch build earlier than 2006 may not be up to date with the latest code and standards, a reason for property owners to contact a professional provider of porch repair in Chicago. By doing so, they are able to not only ensure complete comfort and safety for all occupants, but also increase the value of the property and make it compliant with state building requirements. Moreover, a professional contractor can design a durable and aesthetic porch that’s built with all the amenities homeowners need to maximize convenience and enjoyment.

A Porch for Entertaining: What Chicago Porch Builders Often Consider


Using large patio doors or French doors allow for easy passage. Installing a stairwell is also a good idea to provide guests with easy access. For everyone’s safety though, the stairs should be built with sturdy materials and equipped with appropriate railings.

Looking ahead to spring gatherings is a great way to cope with the harsh winter. Planning an outside entertainment area with the help of experienced Chicago deck builders, like the ones from DAL Builders, Inc., is a good start.”

What the Collapse of 2003 Taught Chicago Porch Builders and Residents

“On June 29, 2003, the wooden porches on the second and third floors of an apartment building in Lincoln Park served as the venue for a great party among law school students and young professionals. Celebrations were supposed to last on and on—but stopped when disaster struck. The porch on the third floor collapsed, bringing the second-floor porch and the party down to the ground. There were enough casualties to bring the tragedy to national attention. As the Chicago Tribune recalls:

The early morning disaster 10 years ago — June 29, 2003 — became news nationwide and a flash point for controversy in Chicago, sparking lawsuits affecting victims, family members, city officials and property owners.

“”It is certainly the most catastrophic single porch collapse in Chicago,”” said Francis Patrick Murphy, a partner at the Corboy & Demetrio law firm, which represented a number of victims.

Chicago porch builders like DAL Builders know this as much as the rest of the city. Changes in po

Chicago Before and After the Porch Disaster

Collapsing may not be a big deal for ground-based porches, but they are for porches two to three floors above. The porch collapse of 2003 in the Lincoln Park apartment building in Chicago, wherein 13 people died and over 50 were injured, should have been a history lesson for every American, and not just porch builders. When the only thing standing between people out on the porch and the cold, hard pavement below is a system of support beams and trusses, the simplest repair jobs can save lives.

Many consider the porch disaster as the last straw for local officials. Prior to the event, porch problems were prevalent enough to force the city into forming a special task force with the duty of making sure the porches of Chicago won’t claim any innocent lives. The recession forced the task force to disband in 2009, but residents have learned their lesson by that time.

The number of city inspectors dropped, but it didn’t equate to the local government slacking off. The few remaining city inspectors have been trained to include porch inspection to their growing list of skills to maintain porch safety and save the city thousands. Ten years after the tragedy, the number of porch issues have dropped significantly.

Chicago is no longer plagued with safety issues regarding porches, but there’s always the possibility of history repeating itself. Safety, in general, is the responsibility of the property owner. More often than not, safety is just a call away.