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Things to Consider Before a Porch Makeover

If your front porch looks like that stereotypical, country-set, old, and decrepit one with the rocking chair looking out to the wilderness, it needs a total overhaul – literally. A front porch is supposed to be the first beautiful thing you and your guests will see. A lovely porch can become an ideal place to unwind and chat with loved ones over a nice cup of coffee.

Before anything else, however, consider these factors: when and how you use your porch. The “when” of using a porch depends on your area’s climate. For instance, if you experience a lot of cold days annually, you might want to consider adding a small fireplace and warm, comfy furniture for you and your guests. Continue reading

Chicago Before and After the Porch Disaster

Collapsing may not be a big deal for ground-based porches, but they are for porches two to three floors above. The porch collapse of 2003 in the Lincoln Park apartment building in Chicago, wherein 13 people died and over 50 were injured, should have been a history lesson for every American, and not just porch builders. When the only thing standing between people out on the porch and the cold, hard pavement below is a system of support beams and trusses, the simplest repair jobs can save lives.

Many consider the porch disaster as the last straw for local officials. Prior to the event, porch problems were prevalent enough to force the city into forming a special task force with the duty of making sure the porches of Chicago won’t claim any innocent lives. The recession forced the task force to disband in 2009, but residents have learned their lesson by that time.

The number of city inspectors dropped, but it didn’t equate to the local government slacking off. The few remaining city inspectors have been trained to include porch inspection to their growing list of skills to maintain porch safety and save the city thousands. Ten years after the tragedy, the number of porch issues have dropped significantly.

Chicago is no longer plagued with safety issues regarding porches, but there’s always the possibility of history repeating itself. Safety, in general, is the responsibility of the property owner. More often than not, safety is just a call away.

On the Importance of Having Porch Repair Conducted

As an exterior feature of your home, it is only natural for your wood porch flooring to succumb to wear and tear due to exposure to the elements. If you had it built several years ago, it is likely that it has now started to sag or show obvious signs of rot and decay. A worn-out porch floor is not only unsightly, but it can prove to be a safety hazard as well.

Imagine coming home after a long day at work, wanting nothing more than to relax on your rocking chair while sipping delicious hot tea. Before you can get to your front door, however, you unknowingly step on a rotten wood board and wound your foot. Another scenario is that step on a loose and corroded nail on a board, thus running the risk of a tetanus infection.

Now, imagine this happening to your kids or your house guests whom you invited for a simple get-together dinner— you’d be putting them in danger and causing them pain. Thus, before your porch flooring gives way completely and causes serious injuries, have it repaired by porch repair experts in Chicago. These professionals will replace your decayed wood planks with new ones and make sure they are firmly secured using durable nails and fasteners.