Things to Consider Before a Porch Makeover

If your front porch looks like that stereotypical, country-set, old, and decrepit one with the rocking chair looking out to the wilderness, it needs a total overhaul – literally. A front porch is supposed to be the first beautiful thing you and your guests will see. A lovely porch can become an ideal place to unwind and chat with loved ones over a nice cup of coffee.

Before anything else, however, consider these factors: when and how you use your porch. The “when” of using a porch depends on your area’s climate. For instance, if you experience a lot of cold days annually, you might want to consider adding a small fireplace and warm, comfy furniture for you and your guests.

How you’ll use a porch is primarily determined by the area’s dimensions. A smaller porch will do well with a little bit of décor, usually either with a small coffee table or some potted plants. You also need to think about proper furniture placement – no one would want to hang out in a cluttered porch, right?

Porches are supposed to be additional living spaces that connect your home’s exterior to its interior. A well-retrofitted one can breathe more life into a home. It can improve or even transform your home’s look, either by making a simple doorway stand out or flat surfaces more noticeable.

Working towards an excellent front porch requires research. Always remember to keep the remodel simple yet functional – you’re trying to make your porch useful after all.

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